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Physical: very big tumbles, about as big around as a quarter Turquoise is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue stone, its vivid colour being made that way due to zinc and iron. It is a softer stone, ranging between a 5-6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, but it is often used for jewellery and ornamental objects. It was originally discovered in Virginia in 1912, but is now found in various spots in the southwest US, Iran, Egypt and China, to name a few locations.

Fun fact: Turquoise is the only gemstone which has an official colour named after it!

Metaphysical: Turquoise assists the Heart and Throat Chakra, allowing love and clarity in speech. It aids in self-forgiveness and can release self-sabotage. An excellent stone for public speakers, it soothes stress and anxiety involved with speaking in front of a crowd. It is a great tool for anyone, though, who needs a little help with speaking their truth and voicing their opinion. If you feel you could be benefited in these areas, give Turquoise a try!

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