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Sun Stone Skull Head

Sun Stone Skull Head

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Introducing our stunning Sunstone Skull Head Carving: A radiant embodiment of warmth and vitality, this exceptional piece captures the essence of Sunstone's fiery beauty. Crafted with meticulous detail, each intricately sculpted feature showcases the stone's shimmering golden hues, captivating inclusions, and mesmerizing play of light, reminiscent of the sun's gentle embrace at dawn. Admire the harmonious fusion of earthy tones and ethereal glow, as this unique carving exudes a sense of energy and positivity that uplifts the spirit. Embrace the timeless allure of this remarkable piece, where the natural brilliance of Sunstone is transformed into a captivating work of art, making it a radiant centerpiece for any collection or display.


$140.  57x84x71.   500g 

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