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Rhodo Chrosite Skull Head

Rhodo Chrosite Skull Head

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Introducing our exquisite Rhodo Chrosite Skull Head Carving: A harmonious fusion of elegance and intrigue, this remarkable piece showcases the enchanting beauty of Rhodo Chrosite stone. Crafted with precision and care, each intricately sculpted detail reveals the stone's rich pink hues and captivating patterns, reminiscent of a vibrant sunset captured in stone. Admire the natural beauty and unique character of each carving, as the mesmerizing swirls and crystalline formations evoke a sense of wonder and fascination. Embrace the allure of this extraordinary piece, where the timeless charm of Rhodo Chrosite is transformed into a captivating work of art, making it a striking addition to any collection or display.

A - $90   63x52x73  290g

B - $120   90x76x58   500g

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