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Moonstone - Rainbow

Moonstone - Rainbow

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Physical: Although it gets its name from how close it looks to Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone is actually White Labradorite, which exhibits flashy colours and rainbows all along its structure, similarly to actual Moonstone. Mainly, it is mined in India and Madagascar, but it can also be found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico and Poland. With a 6-6.5 rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it is perfect for jewellery wear in the forms of cabochons and beads.

Fun fact: Moonstone has been used as jewellery since ancient times, by the Romans and Greeks who associate the stone with their lunar gods!

Metaphysical: Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, as it helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception while aiding in open-mindedness. It brings balance, harmony, and hope while enhancing one’s creativity and compassion. It also creates clarity, awareness, and spiritual activation, and it delivers life-changing inspiration. Perhaps Rainbow Moonstone is just what you were looking for to gain some clarity and revelations in your life!

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