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Physical: Hematite is a brittle iron oxide with a lower Mohs Scale Hardness of 5.5-6.5. Most commonly, it is mined in the Lake Superior District in North America, though it is also found in Brazil, Venezuela, and Canada. Due to its rich colour, ranging from black to metallic grey to rust red, it is often used for pigment.

Fun Fact: Hematite was used as one of the earliest writing materials in human history, showing up as early as 164,000 years ago!

Metaphysical: Assisting the Base Chakra, Hematite is an amazing stone for grounding and protection. It also energizes and vitalizes the physical body. It is excellent for encouraging optimism, determination and self-esteem in oneself, dissolving negativity all the while. As the root word of its name may suggest, it is extremely beneficial to circulatory health, increasing iron in the blood, making it ideal to work with for those low in iron. If you need something energizing and boosting to the system, while helping you clear any internal or external negativity, give hematite a go!

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