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Grape Agate Skull Heads

Grape Agate Skull Heads

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Introducing our Grape Agate Skull Head Carvings: These stunning pieces showcase the unique beauty of Grape Agate, a rare and mesmerizing gemstone. Each intricately carved skull highlights the stone's delicate translucent quality, displaying a mesmerizing array of purples and pinks reminiscent of the intricate patterns found in grape clusters. Admire the mesmerizing swirls and formations, as each carving exudes a sense of natural elegance and mystique. Embrace the enchantment of these extraordinary pieces, where the captivating allure of Grape Agate is transformed into exquisite works of art, perfect for any collector or admirer of nature's beauty.

A - $270  83x62x73  500g

B- $320  64x86x90  590g

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